New FDJ Titles All Around!

Our Saturday morning hunt training group attended their second weekend of Hunt Tests. We are brimming over with pride and happiness for our group members! Three of Stevie's kids, Marlowe, Molda and Hans, all earned their FDJ titles in three straight runs! Congratulations to Carmen and Emilian (Molda) and Yuri and Irina (Hans)! All three puppies, just seven months old, were owner trained and handled. Cousin Ria also picked up her FDJ title in three straight runs! Ria was trained and handled by Rob and are a great team! Abby and Rita earned Abby's FDJ title, picking up a high in test along the way! Way to go team Abby!

Barb and Gemma were unable to attend the first weekend of tests with us but are well on their way! In just two runs, Gemma picked up her first two legs and an awesome score of 94! 

We plan to work toward our FD titles next! What fun we are having!